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The Adventures of Sky & Moochi 
Casting couch 

 ScreenPlay-dark comedy

The adventures of Sky & Moochi is a Children's book for young readers. 

This book is about two Siberian huskies Sky & Moochi, and their adventures.

The stories are mostly fiction with real-life heroes Sky & Moochi.

The adventures of Sky & Moochi is the first of its series, and more is on the way soon. 

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The Adventures of Sky & Moochi.jpg

The movie is about a sweet actress going through a casting couch unless her inner bitch steps in and saves the day.  

Countess Elizabeth Bathory 

screenplay-based on a true story. 

memoirs of a sexy witch

blog about the life of a nowadays witch

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I have worked on music videos and commercials as well.
Developing stories is my passion. 
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